Tuesday, July 7, 2009

All Hands Bury The Dead

To lose someone, anyone, at any time, is a tragedy. That anyone should not live as long as they could is a sin. It makes no difference who this person is.

With the recent series of passings of people more known than others, some perspective seems to have been lost.

We here at The Great American Going Out Of Business Sale would like to remind and remember all the other people who passed in the last few weeks who didn't merit a sports arena and national broadcast for their funeral.

They may not have been more known than others, but no matter what they were, the lives of others would not have functioned properly had they not existed, and therefore, life itself would not have functioned.

No one person is worth more than another, only better known.

We ask that you join us in a moment of silence for ALL the Dead...

Thank you.

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