Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Children's Programming

Children’s Television Programming Guide For the Second Week of April 2009 (with ratings recommendations where appropriate).


Channel Brick
1:00 pm- The Incredible Learning Adventures of Captain Boredom- A young boy puts on a home made super hero costume, sits in a corner, and reads quietly, stopping only occasionally to shush his imaginary friends, who are having much more fun.

Channel Nacho
2:00 pm- Ethnic Fun and Cement Hour- Somehow involves a sexually promiscuous ghost and several kinds of rodent. Not recommended for the sane or soon to be sane.

3:00 pm- There Is No God, Timmy, You’re Mom’s A Big Liar- The classic series returns for it’s 29th season. Recommended for all.

Channel Poppa Oo Mow Mow, Poppa Oo Mow Mow
4:00 pm- Lockers and Crap- What will happen on this teen drama when teens have drama. Guest starring Craig T. Nelson as the Principal with a secret (The secret turns out to be hidden pirate gold underneath the school’s gymnasium).


All Channels
All Day- Crap, Crap, and More

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