Saturday, March 28, 2009

Children’s Television Programming Guide For the First Week of April 2009

(ratings recommendations where appropriate)

Channel Zero
1:00 pm The Wacky Adventures Of Goebbels Armstrong of Star Democracy (contains dogma, not recommended for those who’ve been to school)

2:00pm The People’s Republic of Oregon presents Literacy for Reindeers (only available in central time zones)

Channel O
3:00pm Sex
4:00pm Violence (recommended all ages; excellent for parents to watch with kids)

Channel Ocelot
10am-8pm Amorphous Creature Singalong Sunny Time Funboree (not recommended for children with hope for future)

Public Broadcasting
2:55pm Books Am Gay (targeted at High School Students)
3:00pm Books Is Gay (targeted at Jr. College Students and their children)


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